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About the Book
Desert Hawking IV: Quail

     This book is a continuation of the Desert Hawking series, and it could be viewed as a culmination of my hawking techniques. From the beginning of my falconry career, I have favored the direct pursuit hawks such as the accipiters, Harris and aplomado. Because of my senior status and the length of our flights, I hunt with four good legs under me. My preference is the Peruvian Paso.  Desert Hawking IV: Quail  begins with a focus on the Harris at quail and then moves on to hawking this game bird with the aplomado. There are 327 illustrations including color photos, drawings, and works of art. It is slightly shorter than its predecessor with 368 pages. The book closes with a chapter written by my friends hunting other prey with the aplomado.


Part One:          The Harris Hawk

Chapter          1          Trapping the Harris
Chapter          2          Taming and Training
Chapter          3          Diet Rations, and Weight Control
Chapter          4          Hunting
Chapter          5          Molt
Chapter          6          Dogs
Chapter          7          Hayburners
Chapter          8          Harris Hunts

Part Two:               The Aplomado Falcon

Chapter          9           Introduction and Description
Chapter         10          Taming and Training
Chapter         11          Dove
Chapter         12          Hawking Quail
Chapter         13          Equipment
Chapter         14          Resources
Chapter         15          References
Chapter         16          Contributer's Articles